Kixkillradio: What my Toys are up to vol.2 GET!

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Kixkillradio‘s photobook: What my Toys are up to vol.2 arrived last saturday. Amazing photos inside. Thanks for the mini bag too.



Kotori Figures and a Pinched Strap Rin GET!

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First post 2016. Various stuff arrived today from Tokyo Otaku Mode Store and Hobbylink Japan. Full o’ burds!!

+ Banpresto SQ Minami Kotori (TOM Store)
+ Max Factory Figma Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ GSC Nendoroid Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ Cospa Pinched Strap Rin Tohsaka

I’m totally obsessed over Kotori ever since I finished marathoning Love Live season 01 upto the first movie.

Phygure: The Figure Photography E-magazine

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An excerpt from the e-magazine:

Phygure is an online magazine that focuses on toy & figure photography. It was originally a personal project of mine and kind of serves as my “project playground” in teaching myself new stuff both in programming and design. – Otakumouse

Phygure, an E-magazine was created for the toy photography community by Otakumouse. The e-mag not only contains figure-related content but also includes anime review, anime fan-art, camera talk, tutorials and more.

A huge thanks to Otakumouse for including my entry on the maiden issue-00 November 2015 Edition.


Photo showcases from popular names in the local toy community scene include:


Love, Pinkcheeks

Mryap Productions

And from the overseas toy photography community to mention a few:


Noble Beast

The photo showcases featured of each individual (my work excluding) entries on the e-mag inspire me to work hard(er) on my toy photography and “someday” to reach that Oooh,wow! level they possess.

To enter, head over to Phygure website for instructions.