Figure Collection(s) (o2.08.16)

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I’ve been a figure collector since late 2006 and the time of this writing, makes it almost 10 years.


BANDAI HG Gundam Barbatos

Gundam(s), Model Kit

Bought and built this kit while the hype is still on-going. Gundam Barbatos from the newly aired anime “MS Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans” (or G-Tekketsu).

Took me around 2 nights to build and paint or around 5-6 hours in total. I had a bit of a rough time building the upper half of this kit since this style is pretty new, unlike the standard HG’s structure.

I messed up a bit in panel lining the kit but in the end, all is well, pretty much satisfied with my (own) work.

More photos to be uploaded on a new post.

Bandai FW Gundam Converge – Zeta Plus C1 Blue, Knight Gundam & Zeta Gundam – The O set GET!

Figures, Gundam(s)

Kinda late post since I’ve been busy with (new) work lately and laziness caught up before I could post some stuff.

Anyway, these items came in last monday (09/07) from Hobbylink Japan.
I was just curious with these SD gundam figures so I gave it a go.
They’re freakin’ tiny! And each box contains a gum with weird medicine-like flavor.



What amazes me with these figures is the gimmick – despite the tiny size of around 4-5cm, they can be transformed (though the process has so many tiny parts to remove and attach) into their flight modes as seen on the anime or manga. I say this because I’ve seen some fully articulated action figures like Bandai Robot Spirits figures that don’t have their transformable¬†mode gimmicks built into the design. Though I do understand some people prefer figures with full articulation or highly movable joints at¬†the expense of some features/gimmicks but it kinda feels like there’s lacking something.
In the end, it all depends on an end-user’s preference and the purpose of acquiring the figure.