Figma Angela Balzac + Variable Action New Arhan GET!

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Arrived this afternoon from HobbyLink Japan.
Since I can’t afford that awesome but oh so very expensive New Arhan figure by Goodsmile Arms (May release), I got a Variable Action by MegaHouse instead. Smaller but this should do for now.
– Max Factory Figma Angela Balzac
– MegaHouse Variable Action New Arhan


BANDAI HG Gundam Barbatos

Gundam(s), Model Kit

Bought and built this kit while the hype is still on-going. Gundam Barbatos from the newly aired anime “MS Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans” (or G-Tekketsu).

Took me around 2 nights to build and paint or around 5-6 hours in total. I had a bit of a rough time building the upper half of this kit since this style is pretty new, unlike the standard HG’s structure.

I messed up a bit in panel lining the kit but in the end, all is well, pretty much satisfied with my (own) work.

More photos to be uploaded on a new post.

Bandai FW Gundam Converge – Zeta Plus C1 Blue, Knight Gundam & Zeta Gundam – The O set GET!

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Kinda late post since I’ve been busy with (new) work lately and laziness caught up before I could post some stuff.

Anyway, these items came in last monday (09/07) from Hobbylink Japan.
I was just curious with these SD gundam figures so I gave it a go.
They’re freakin’ tiny! And each box contains a gum with weird medicine-like flavor.



What amazes me with these figures is the gimmick – despite the tiny size of around 4-5cm, they can be transformed (though the process has so many tiny parts to remove and attach) into their flight modes as seen on the anime or manga. I say this because I’ve seen some fully articulated action figures like Bandai Robot Spirits figures that don’t have their transformable mode gimmicks built into the design. Though I do understand some people prefer figures with full articulation or highly movable joints at the expense of some features/gimmicks but it kinda feels like there’s lacking something.
In the end, it all depends on an end-user’s preference and the purpose of acquiring the figure.