Banpresto Ichiban-Kuji Kotori Minami Angelic Angel ver. GET!

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Arrived today from Onegai Oniichan Figure Store.
The figure is nowhere near Kotori’s face from the box. Kinda disappointed, burdy is not so burdy. -_-


Kotori Figures and a Pinched Strap Rin GET!

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First post 2016. Various stuff arrived today from Tokyo Otaku Mode Store and Hobbylink Japan. Full o’ burds!!

+ Banpresto SQ Minami Kotori (TOM Store)
+ Max Factory Figma Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ GSC Nendoroid Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ Cospa Pinched Strap Rin Tohsaka

I’m totally obsessed over Kotori ever since I finished marathoning Love Live season 01 upto the first movie.

Banpresto SQ Figure x GSC F/SN:UBW ver. Saber & Rin Tohsaka

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A premium prize figure of Saber and Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works by Banpresto SQ Figure in collaboration with Goodsmile Company.

At first I was skeptical, took a browsing at pictures of prototype figure of Saber (especially the face) on the internet, I can’t say she’s not bad but never thought that the final product is a lot worse than that picture on the box. Her face is pretty much 101% off the Saber we know.

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the final product since Banpresto’s SQ line of premium prize, in terms of quality, by my standards is passable but this Saber is a failure, and what’s making it worse is that they are already collaborating with Good Smile Company, a company well known for their superb quality.

Now, I don’t want to hear the excuse like “it’s because this is just a prize figure and it’s price is cheap”, not that.

As for Rin, I don’t think she’s bad, in fact kinda adorable. No problem with her face, she passed.

So, to beautify the horrible face of Saber, in the following pictures, I let Rin do her thing.

Well, it turned out that some of Saber’s (face) angle isn’t all that bad. She has a few acceptable angles.