Phat! Company Parfom 001 Aigis (Persona 3)

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This is my very first Parfom figure, an action figure line from Phat Company.

I think if one wants to start collecting an action figure line in gradual manner, this line by far, is recommended since this Parfom series was first introduced in August 2014  which is this figure, 001 Aigis. The line hasn’t released their second figure between August 2014 and December 2015 (which is Parfom 002 Yuudachi Kai Ni, followed by a re-release of 001 Aigis in February 2016).

The sculptor is Toona Kanshi (RyunRyunTei), a garage kit dealer according to the official website. This figure stands 140mm, a bit similar to the Figma line.

I kinda like the idea of this towered chibi articulated figure, proportion-wise, not bad. What I’m not really happy of is the joints. They’re a horror to detach from the limbs and no extra joint included in the box unlike Figmas and Nendoroids (ironically, Phat is also a part of Goodsmile Company). In fact, I spent 15 minutes trying to slowly remove the joints from the machine gun arm. Figma joints are way better. But just like how the figma joints improve over time, I hope Phat will do the same, the sooner the better.


Phat! Parfom 001 Aegis & 002 Yuudachi Ni Kai GET!

Figures, New Figure GET!, Non-scale Figures, Parfom (Phat Company)


Arrived today from Play-asia.
– Phat! Company Parfom 001 Aigis (Persona3)
-Phat! Company Parfom 002 Yuudachi Kai Ni (KanColle)
Thinking of collecting Parfom line since this series isn’t fast to release new figure plus there’s Momohime which was shown last WF’16 winter.