Figma Angela Balzac + Variable Action New Arhan GET!

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Arrived this afternoon from HobbyLink Japan.
Since I can’t afford that awesome but oh so very expensive New Arhan figure by Goodsmile Arms (May release), I got a Variable Action by MegaHouse instead. Smaller but this should do for now.
– Max Factory Figma Angela Balzac
– MegaHouse Variable Action New Arhan


Max Factory Figma (P4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena) Labrys GET!

Figmas & Nendoroids, Figures, New Figure GET!, Non-scale Figures

Max Factory Figma Labrys arrived today, thanks Wrenhobbi Toy Store.
Not a Persona series fan but this Labrys is so interesting. So much poses planned inside my head, question now is how to execute and time.


Kotori Figures and a Pinched Strap Rin GET!

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First post 2016. Various stuff arrived today from Tokyo Otaku Mode Store and Hobbylink Japan. Full o’ burds!!

+ Banpresto SQ Minami Kotori (TOM Store)
+ Max Factory Figma Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ GSC Nendoroid Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ Cospa Pinched Strap Rin Tohsaka

I’m totally obsessed over Kotori ever since I finished marathoning Love Live season 01 upto the first movie.

Various arrivals from HLJ & GSC Online Shop GET!

Figmas & Nendoroids, New Figure GET!

More delayed arrivals today. Previous figure acquisition was supposed to arrive last week but thanks to the APEC summit happening the same week, the delivery got delayed for almost a few weeks.
These orders were scheduled to arrive late (last week) to early this week.

Arrivals from HobbyLink Japan:
+ Max Factory Figma 258 Yukikaze
+ Sentinel 1/35 MechatroWeGo Vivid
+ Model Graphix #373 12/2015 issue

Arrival from Goodsmile Online Shop:
+ GSC Nendoroid 539 Miku Harvest Moon ver.

First experience ordering from GSC Online Shop, satisfied with the service. Upcoming order is a 1/10 scale Miku Magical Mirai 2015 ver.