Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS

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It has been a long time since I last bought a game for my 3DS. This game arrived a few days ago.
What tempted me to buy this game is the battle system that commonly MMORPGs have, a co-op mode upto 4 players via local or internet connection. Also later in the game, a customization for your character(s) to look like the popular characters from past Final Fantasy titles like Cloud, Squall, Lightning, etc. (haven’t tried mine but I guess it’d be from the available armors and accessories in shops which you have to gather materials for it in order to be made).


Kotori Figures and a Pinched Strap Rin GET!

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First post 2016. Various stuff arrived today from Tokyo Otaku Mode Store and Hobbylink Japan. Full o’ burds!!

+ Banpresto SQ Minami Kotori (TOM Store)
+ Max Factory Figma Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ GSC Nendoroid Minami Kotori (HLJ)
+ Cospa Pinched Strap Rin Tohsaka

I’m totally obsessed over Kotori ever since I finished marathoning Love Live season 01 upto the first movie.