Phygure: The Figure Photography E-magazine

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An excerpt from the e-magazine:

Phygure is an online magazine that focuses on toy & figure photography. It was originally a personal project of mine and kind of serves as my “project playground” in teaching myself new stuff both in programming and design. – Otakumouse

Phygure, an E-magazine was created for the toy photography community by Otakumouse. The e-mag not only contains figure-related content but also includes anime review, anime fan-art, camera talk, tutorials and more.

A huge thanks to Otakumouse for including my entry on the maiden issue-00 November 2015 Edition.


Photo showcases from popular names in the local toy community scene include:


Love, Pinkcheeks

Mryap Productions

And from the overseas toy photography community to mention a few:


Noble Beast

The photo showcases featured of each individual (my work excluding) entries on the e-mag inspire me to work hard(er) on my toy photography and “someday” to reach that Oooh,wow! level they possess.

To enter, head over to Phygure website for instructions.


Happy Miku Halloween!

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This was taken a few days ago when I was home feeling sick and suffering a horrible toothache. Took me almost 3 hours just for this one shot, more than 10 pictures scrapped. Also taking time to post process RAW picture in Photoshop CC 2014 (I think I like this better than in LR) then enhance to make the lamps and eyes glow.

GSC Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfillia

Figures, Scale Figures

Hit anime and manga Fairy Tail comes Lucy Heartfillia, the main female protagonist and from the same team with Natsu, Happy, Erza and Gray. This figure is in 1/7 scale by Goodsmile Company and released in September 2013.

Acquired this figure way back 2013 after she got released in the market. The same as my other figures, I haven’t had the time to shoot with her.

In this setting, the initial plan was to make a scene where she is summoning a Zodiac Spirit. The materials/props I used were (1) crampled yellow water cellophane, (2) red foil at the back of another semi-crampled yellow water cellophane and lastly a (3) LED flashlight. No other lighting source was involved except a LED flashlight.

I’m satisfied with the result especially that they are filled with bokeh orbs and other shapes plus much realistic effect with the yellow hue. The experiment with foil paper and yellow water cellophane worked really well. What I did was to look for some angles by manually pointing the flashlight on the foil and the background (not directly to the figure) until bokeh shapes appear.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Planning another shoot for another day. Maybe shoot outdoor with water cellophane I guess..

Max Factory Miku Append ver.

Figures, Scale Figures

Bought this way back around late 2012 as second hand but in an excellent condition from a collector in Manila.

I haven’t had the chance to do a proper photoshoot of her since I was preoccupied with shooting other figures and real life stuff.

Since recently I’m in the mood to shoot and at the same time experiment with new stuff, a water cellophane I bought last minute, so I went and decided to use Miku Append as subject since she’s one of the older figures I haven’t had the needed attention yet.

Materials and props involved were- (a) Crumpled blue foil as background, (b) crumpled water cellophane as artificial bokeh also to produce blue hue on the surrounding, (c) a laptop fan w/ blue LED light as the flooring and lastly, (d) a LED flashlight.

I only chose 10 out of 20+ photos as others weren’t upto what I expected to look like. I think I’m kind of satisfied with the final result. Next shoot of course would still involve some water cellophane of other colors.

Banpresto SQ Figure x GSC F/SN:UBW ver. Saber & Rin Tohsaka

Figures, Prize Figures

A premium prize figure of Saber and Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works by Banpresto SQ Figure in collaboration with Goodsmile Company.

At first I was skeptical, took a browsing at pictures of prototype figure of Saber (especially the face) on the internet, I can’t say she’s not bad but never thought that the final product is a lot worse than that picture on the box. Her face is pretty much 101% off the Saber we know.

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the final product since Banpresto’s SQ line of premium prize, in terms of quality, by my standards is passable but this Saber is a failure, and what’s making it worse is that they are already collaborating with Good Smile Company, a company well known for their superb quality.

Now, I don’t want to hear the excuse like “it’s because this is just a prize figure and it’s price is cheap”, not that.

As for Rin, I don’t think she’s bad, in fact kinda adorable. No problem with her face, she passed.

So, to beautify the horrible face of Saber, in the following pictures, I let Rin do her thing.

Well, it turned out that some of Saber’s (face) angle isn’t all that bad. She has a few acceptable angles.