New display shelf 08.27.16

Figures, Room


Finally got my lazy ass (and TIME) to move, re-arrange my figures (on the day before this post), brought home an open type display shelf which is an old stock from our store. I guess it’s way better to have this open shelf type than still having to retain my previous layout which was unpleasant to look at (refer to 1st photo).

The shelf is a 5-tier layout (dimensions of 40in x 16in x 72in), which means more, more space for up/incoming figures while I can temporarily store something on the lower last tier while waiting for the shelf to fill up. Of course the problem to name a few is the accumulation of dusts and accidental fall since the sides are open.

It’s really important that it looks as pleasant as possible as it is located just straight across my bed so it’s one of the things I see when I get up or lie down.



7th Dragon III Code: VFD Launch Edition (N3DS) GET!

Gaming, New Game GET!, Nintendo 3DS

Received my copy today from, the usual trusted supplier for my electronic gadgets and gaming needs.

Launch edition includes a 28-page artbook which I was initially going after rather than the game itself but gonna try playing this later. I still need to catch up on Odin Sphere for psv.